Meditate ….Try It!

Meditation is not always easy and some find it totally unapproachable  ….why not join us and try … we offer several forms of meditation and it  is  small but important  part of  our yoga and piyo classes.

Perhaps you really want a more intense program, then you will want to try our Friday 10:30am class … you will learn and experience Active, Passive, Osha and Guided Meditation…. find the knowing and recongnize that it  isn’t always easy, but you will see how to  control your experience by the progression of the class… discover skills  to lower your stress while gaining compassion and tolerance… find an inner peace that will nourish your body, mind and spirit..grow with us and experience how wonderful the people are that attend these programs…wether you are thinking about yoga, pilates or  our newest body conditioning Tacletics  program, I do hope you will be part of this wonderful group of people ……try it and be filled with love and light…

I look forward to helping you find true balance today!

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